Look At This Autism

“Sydney doesn’t have that kind of autism like my nephew.” What kind of autism is this?” “Well, we’re originally from Detroit, Michigan and ain’t no party like a Detroit party because a Detroit party don’t stop.” Yes, someone actually made that comment to me and yes that’s how I responded because advocating and spreading awareness … More Look At This Autism

Our Autism Island

I admit I wished we lived on an autism island. We would be surrounded by autism friendly everything. We would have other autism families that get it, and schools that provide programs, therapy all under one roof. We would have accessible playgrounds, changing tables in public restrooms and a hospital with all of the specialists … More Our Autism Island

Autism Is Autism

They asked me if she was high functioning. I replied, “She has autism.” They asked if she was in the middle of the spectrum. I replied, “She has autism.” It doesn’t matter where she fits on the autism spectrum, autism is autism. When parents are so quick so say, “But my child is high functioning.” … More Autism Is Autism