Clean Up In Aisle 4


The sound of glass shattering is a sound that alway makes me jump. What does it sound like when your heart is broken? What is the sound that you hear when trust has been violated? You would think that it would be silent. When you crash into tiny pieces. It is like a siren going off and a wake up call in your life.

We all have felt broken in life. Our spirits have been broken, our hearts may have been broken. And somehow we pick up the pieces and keep living. I remember feeling broken thinking how in the world will I bounce back from my situation.

I was like that mirror you drop and it breaks into hundreds of pieces. Just when you think you have your mess all cleaned up. You walk and step on a piece of glass that was left behind.

That setback can either damage you or push you forward. Instead of dwelling on the past. You need to make peace with your pieces. Yes, it might be a hot mess. But you must have peace in your spirit before you can heal.

How do you make peace with the pieces? You have to confront the situation and not sweep it under the rug. Put on your full armor and handle your business. You will be whole again, I promise.


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