All Of The Above


Yes, I remember using a scantron sheet. Or better yet, I used the Blue Book to take my exams. You know how I love my pencils. So, I was always prepared with enough sharpened No. 2 pencils.

Standardized tests were not my friend. I would become physically sick staring at the test, watching the clock and seeing everyone finish before me. When all else fails. I would always pick choice D. all of the above.

Lately, I find myself looking for answers. The problem is that the choices that I have to choose from aren’t appealing to me. I can’t pick choice A that is too obvious. I do like choices B and C. But then doubt creeps in and I feel anxious.

Sometimes the answers that we are searching for are not right in front of us. We might actually have to lay some ground work before we can select the right answer.

What if I pick the wrong answer? I can just erase it right? There are things that we choose in our lives that can’t be erased. So choose wisely. And pray for a discerning spirit of wisdom. It took me more time than I would have liked. But, I am finally at peace with the answer that I selected. No erasers and no turning back now.

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