Sorry Kids, I’m Faking Fall


When I was younger I asked mommy if we could carve a pumpkin. She asked me why I wanted to carve a pumpkin. When I told her everyone else was carving a pumpkin. She replied “If everyone jumps off a bridge. Will you jump too?” Then I helped her make a sweet potato pie.

Traditions mean a lot to me. When I was blessed with a family. I wanted to start our own family traditions. I didn’t realize that the traditions wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t enjoy them.

I was so excited to carve the first pumpkin with my kids. We weren’t prepared and our first carved pumpkin was a hot mess. Harrison and Sydney were having sensory issues. I was doing all of the work and they were watching me. This isn’t how it is supposed to work. No one was smiling. It wasn’t fun. That’s when I decided we are faking fall.

My fake, ghetto fabulous pumpkins look just fine on my porch. I will add our scarecrow people later and call it a day. I was using my kids as the reason to decorate. When it was really my own tradition that I wanted to start. This year we may stay home and pass out candy instead of trick or treating.  We will vote at our family meeting.  Sydney would enjoy dressing up and seeing all of the children visit and pass out candy.  Harrison said he can get his candy from Walgreens.

Fall is also my seasonal depression time. Yes, seasonal depression is real. I don’t like pumpkin spice anything. But I love football, and watching baseball. There is a sadness that comes over me during the Fall.

This year I was reminded of the many blessings that occur in the Fall. I was determined not to let the leaves falling off the trees depress me. This is a season of change. I would no longer run from it, but embrace it.

Happy Fall,


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