The Choice Is Yours


If you are like me you will carry all of the groceries into the house with one trip. Just to avoid going back and forth. But why? In life we often do the same thing. We carry around mountains and burdens all at once. Instead, we should only focus on one mountain or obstacle at a time.

The mountains that cross our paths. Are not all meant for us to pick up and carry. There are things that are better left alone. Some mountains we will have to climb. But we should never carry the weight of mountains around with us daily. Please don’t be like me and carry the weight of other people’s mountains too.

We all want to be strong and not viewed as weak. But we are only human. Our mind and body can only handle so much at a time. When you face mountain after mountain. Take a breath and decide your course of action. You have two choices. Climb it or walk in the opposite direction. It really is that simple.

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