When We Carry Our Mistakes


My mistakes in life would haunt me like a scary movie. I carried my mistakes around with me. They were weighing me down. I allowed my mistakes to dictate my mood, my day and my life.

People are very quick to judge and share with the world when others make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Most mistakes are not intentional.

What do you do when you make a mistake? Do you acknowledge it? Do you place the blame on your circumstances or someone else?

I made mistakes in the past and I blamed them on lack of sleep and being a single mom. That worked for a while. Then I realized that I needed to use my mistakes, that I made in life to move myself forward.

I viewed my mistakes as steps for me to climb out of my current situation. Am I where I want to be in life? Not yet. But I am closer than I was four years ago.

Not all mistakes should be viewed as negative. Mistakes can be learning experiences for you and the ones you love. How will you view your mistakes? Some of the mistakes that happened to you in your life were not even under your control.

Each day is new opportunity to change, forgive, love and move forward. You are not a mistake. Never allow anyone to make you feel like you are. Know your worth.

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