Don’t Always Believe What You Hear


They thought that their comments would hurt me. They were hoping that their negativity would surround me. They know misery loves company and they were nice enough to save me a seat at the table.

What they didn’t know was that I was not falling into their trap. I didn’t believe the comments that they said about me. I didn’t allow myself to give up.

I had nothing to prove to them, despite what they believed. The time was coming for me to make my move. My mommy taught me better than to broadcast it to the world. She would tell me to pray, leave it at the altar and keep moving.

So, I remembered her words. I believed in myself when others doubted me. I knew I was strong when others thought I was weak and were waiting for me to crumble. We need to remember. The person that everyone talked about and gave up on, just might surprise you.

You won’t even have to roar like a lion.  When it is your time. People, and obstacles will move out of your way and make a path for you.  Never underestimate the underdog.

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