It’s Game Day


Being on a team means everything. Teamwork is the only way to win. What happens when you get cut from the team? What happens when you have to play solo? You put on your game face.

This makes me think about sports teams as they enter the stadium on game day. Many are sharply dressed. They walk with pride not arrogance. Many are listening to music.

I wonder what is on their playlist? Relaxation music, music to get them hyped for the game. Or Jesus music as Sydney calls it.

I’ve been playing solo for some time now. One thing that has helped me has been my music and my game face. Even if I am walking into the fight of my life. Up against giants like Goliath.  I appear confident, even if I am shaking on the inside.

It’s game day and I have my game face ready. Will I be able to win by myself? Yes, because I have met some new teammates along the way. So, when you see me with my headphones on walking into work. I am not being anti-social or ignoring you. I have my game face on because I have work to do.

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