Who Called A Family Meeting?


Harrison and Sydney came into my room the other day. They told me that they wanted to have a Family Meeting. First, I started thinking I am the one who calls the Family Meetings around here. Did they form a union or something? This was going to be good.

In the past, family meetings didn’t go well for us. Syd wouldn’t participate and the more I forced her. The uglier our situation became.

During our family meeting Harrison wanted to discuss a few things. He asked if they could have separate snack containers because Sydney has been eating all of his snacks. Next, they talked about changing chores. We even added a few more responsibilities to Sydney’s list.

We took the time to map out the next few weeks. We discussed upcoming appointments. Our annual Michigan trip was also discussed.  I encouraged Harrison to reach out to his grandmother in Michigan. And the other relatives on his father’s side of the family.   Next, we wrapped our box that we will fill with canned goods to donate to the food bank.

Family Meetings have worked well for our family. We don’t always agree. We have to discuss some difficult topics at time. Family Meetings are probably the equivalent to dinnertime in most families.  We are Copher’s Community and we make up our own rules.   We always end the meetings with a dance party.

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