Step Away From The Tree


Growing up we never had a real Christmas tree. We always had an artificial tree and that is what I thought every family had at Christmas. Thanksgiving weekend was the time when we decorated the tree. Mommy always made all of the bows for the tree. And she still does today.

You can imagine my excitement when I was able to decorate the tree for my own family. I’ve gotten better over the years at decorating. We still have an artificial tree.


Harrison asked if we could get a real tree. I compromised and bought some of the pine scent ornaments to add to our tree this year. He didn’t complain.

Normally, when we decorate Harrison and Sydney hand me the ornaments and I place them on the tree. I am OCD about the tree. Sorry, I don’t want Star Wars on my tree. Hence the word my tree.

One year I bought them both 4 feet trees after Christmas. They could decorate their tree anyway they wanted. Some years they would put the trees in their rooms. Other years their trees would decorate our living room.


Yesterday we finally decorated for the holidays. We all started together. I was proud of myself for stepping back and letting the kids add the ornaments on the tree. It was great seeing ornaments from students that I taught from past years.

Then it happened. “Harrison you can’t put my wine bottle ornament next to Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!” Harrison’s response was. “Who puts wine bottle ornaments on a Christmas tree?” A single mother, wine enthusiast, blogger does. That’s who.
It was in that moment that we both laughed. I made a cup of coffee and sat on the couch. Harrison and Sydney decorated the tree. It is leaning to one side. But I am fine with that. The tree was put up together with love and laughs.


Happy Decorating!

2 thoughts on “Step Away From The Tree

  1. Years ago when the boys were very young they had their own trees in their rooms to decorate and then they would help decorate the “main” tree.

    Now I am lucky if I take it and the decorations out of the basement the week before Christmas and ask Tayair to decorate it!

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