It Has Been One Year


It was finally happening. We were going to Disney World. My children were 14 and 12 but that’s okay. Most families have been to Disney World several times. Disney World for The Cophers was always a wish. One that I thought would never be granted.

Going on any vacation was a wish for our family. When I found out that Sydney received a dream wish from The Sunshine Foundation. I was overjoyed and thankful. We would have a chance to travel as a family, to experience one of the happiest places on Earth.

As soon as the excitement wore off, reality set in. Who is going on the trip with us? Mommy and sissy couldn’t make the trip. Then I remembered how Sydney and Mrs. Bridge, her second para planned a Disney Trip when she was in the fourth grade.

We were blessed to have Mama Ross, and Mrs. Bridge join us for our trip to Disney. It was such an emotional trip. I believe that trip was the spark that our family needed. It was a transformation for all of us.

Harrison was able to be a kid. Sydney saw Cinderella, Tiana and many other Disney characters. We saw shows and enjoyed the Christmas parade after the park closed. Seeing the park decorated for Christmas made it even more magical.  Meeting Mickey Mouse is where I lost it.  I cried and Mickey gave me the biggest hug.

Every night we would return to the Sunshine Foundation Village. Here we were treated with so much love. There were so many victories for us on that trip. I didn’t care about autism or epilepsy. All I cared about was making memories with my children and people who love us.

We can never repay The Sunshine Foundation for what they gave our family. It was truly something more than a trip to Disney World. Harrison asked Grandma Lola to have a bake sale in January to raise money for Jacob. Jacob is waiting on his wish to be granted. He is also from Michigan.

As we look at the photos from the trip and the memories flood my Facebook timeline for the next week.  I thank God for the trip that changed our family forever.



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