The Tides Are Turning


I have always admired surfers. Being able to ride the waves and control their bodies on the surf board. That takes great skill and is very impressive. They must have extreme focus. They must be prepared to endure the weather and unexpected waves. Surfers must also practice patience.

The waves have been rocky for me lately. My focus was foggy. Yet, I still prepared myself for the goal that I had in my mind. I must be getting closer because I keep getting  swept under the waves. Just when I am ready to make my move the tide turns, and the weather causes me to stop.

Should I give up? Or do I wait to ride the wave that is just right for me. I have to trust God’s plan. I have to believe in myself and I can’t let falling off of my surfboard be the end of me.

What are you waiting for?  Whatever you are preparing for, believe that you are close enough. It is not out of your reach. No matter what your circumstances are. You are almost there. The roughest waves means we are close to victory.

Remember we haven’t drowned yet. God is the best life jacket I know.





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