Release The Prisoner


When I stop and think about my life. I am mad about some of the things that allowed me to feel like a prisoner. Autism made me a prisoner in my own home. Being a divorced mom made me feel like a prisoner and not worthy to be around the cool moms. People that I loved and thought were my friends. Made me feel more like a prisoner at times.

To me there was no escaping. The sad part was no one was really holding me prisoner. I had the key to set myself free all along. There will be things that I will not have the power to change. I can ask for help. But I must remember that my help comes from the Lord!

It is time to approach whatever you are struggling with, with a new perspective. Don’t let that situation consume you, make you irritable and make the people around you miserable as well. Instead, release it. Do what you can. Give your best effort. Don’t allow your situation have you feeling like a prisoner.

You are in control of how you respond and deal with your struggles. Use your key and breakout.

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