Let My People Go


This time last year Syd loved everything Smurf. She wanted blue body paint. Everything was Smurftastic. This year Sydney is very interested in Egypt. She has an Egyptian coloring book and likes to complete Egyptian word search pages. Her love for Egypt began with her watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Whenever we go in a store, our presence is known. We could be in a store and Syd would yell “We’re all gonna die.” Everyone would look at us and I would just smile. Knowing we were flagged on the  surveillance video.

Her love of Egypt has given her a new catch phrase. “Let my people go!” We were in Giant getting groceries a few weeks back. We were waiting in line and Sydney starting singing “Let my people go!’. Three black people, one chanting let my people go, a protest is in progress. I am sure that is what everyone around us was thinking. Harrison is telling the lady behind us we love the flag. I told the cashier we are just spreading some autism awareness.

Middletown, Delaware is small. I have never lived in the city where I worked. So, I am thinking someone in this store knows us. And now we are probably on the Homeland Security Watch List.

Yesterday on our snow day. We watched The Ten Commandments. Sydney loved it. She was wearing her egyptian costume of course. I loved watching her facial expressions throughout the movie. She was processing everything.

Her favorite part were the plagues. She sang songs and when God parted the Red Sea. She said, “Look at God!”. I think that phrase might replace Jesus take the wheel in 2018.  Syd hears me say “Look at God!” when prayers are answered or when I praise God.  I love that she has picked that up.

She loves to read about Egypt. I will share a project that she is working on in her Business Education class with her partner later in the month. She found a way to bring Egypt into the class project.

Autism has opened my eyes to many things. Each day is a new adventure. Sydney shows us that she wants to learn and be a part of our family. She has things that she loves, that help her regulate her body and stay in control. She knows when she needs a break and can tell Harrison and I.

She is my inspiration.




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