This Is How You Snow Day


Snow Days for our family were torture when we lived in Michigan. First of all we wouldn’t have a snow day unless it was six or more inches of snow on the ground. Sledding, hot chocolate, movies, naps all of those ideas sounded great. But not for us.

00D7B4E3-B844-427F-9F48-45F523C207A4For our family a snow day looked different. I would try to play games with Harrison while running back to Sydney’s room where she was destroying everything. If we tried to play a game together. Syd was impatient and would throw the game at the wall. She knew if you changed the channel on the tv in the other room. Her OCD was bad back then.


If we did make it outside Sydney enjoyed the snow. The cold didn’t bother her. She would make snow angels, throw snowballs and climb on the play structure. When it time to come in the meltdowns and screaming would start. Sometimes the look in Harrison’s eyes made me sad. He didn’t know if he should help, run or cry.


Once inside we would warm up and there was a chance she would take a quick nap. Snow days were torture, depressing and heartbreaking. That was then.


Snow days for Copher’s Community have improved since we moved to Delaware. Harrison loves snow days. We will watch a few movies together or talk. He will always bring up memories from Michigan, which helps him and I love hearing him tell me his favorite memories.

When it snows. My kids have no desire to play in the snow. I think that is from growing up in Michigan. Been there done that. Sydney loves snow days. That is why I was so blessed to have a double snow day this week.

Sydney slept in both days. We made waffles for breakfast. We watched movies, read books and worked on puzzles. Sydney played independently, challenged me to a dance contest and enjoyed our slumber party. We have been in the house since Wednesday and we are all happy.

I have had a chance to refuel my soul and pray about some situations that lay heavy on my heart. I had a chance to work with families on the phone with IEP questions for their children. We weren’t walking on egg shells. Autism didn’t control our house.

Harrison and Sydney played together. Harrison took all of the Christmas decorations down for me. We took naps. I watched Law & Order marathons and worked on my book. It may seem like things that you and your family do all of the time. But for our family this was huge.

Today we may venture out to get Syd’s prescription, but it’s not a necessity. We may get on each others nerves by tonight. But we have had a great time at home as a family. I have loved every minute of it. Having my wine helped too.

I know some people are complaining that we will have to make these days up in June. Well guess what. I am not worried about June. I am trying to make it through January. Jesus might be back before June. Enjoy the moment and let June worry about June.

I did promise the kids they could use one of their gift cards from their dad. So I think we will do some online shopping today. Feeling antsy? Message me, I will give you plenty of ideas for what you can do without leaving the comfort of your home.


Happily Snowed In


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