And Then There’s Jenny From The Block!

I know that I could write a blog about all of my coworkers at school. They have all touched me in a different way. Many will joke and say “Brooke, that’s a blog topic right there.” “Brooke did I make the blog?” Some will say, “Please don’t blog about this Brooke.” Since I’ve been back … More And Then There’s Jenny From The Block!

Is This A Drill?

The first week back to school is always exciting, scary and exhausting. I think because our family had so many transitions. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I must admit I was in denial that school was starting, up until 10:00 pm on Labor Day. When I woke the kids up for the first … More Is This A Drill?

Daddy Is On Strike

When I was younger I thought Labor Day meant daddy would barbecue. The next day would be our first day of school. I also remember people telling me that I couldn’t wear white after Labor Day. But that is a topic for another blog. One day when we came home from school. I noticed that … More Daddy Is On Strike

Inclusion Is Great, But Don’t Put My Child in That Class

I wrote this blog two years ago. Keep in mind that I am not writing about any events that happened to me returning to work this week. Two years ago I wrote in my journal. I listed the comments that I heard about how parents truly felt about inclusion and co-teaching. I didn’t list them … More Inclusion Is Great, But Don’t Put My Child in That Class


Summer nights, movies, walks in the parks, bike riding and going to the beach.  These are just a few of the things that we may have planned for our summer vacation.  How could I forget our trip back home to Michigan? That will be an amazing trip for sure.  I am sure that I will … More Summer