Our Autism


The road we travel is not for the weary. When you travel this road. There isn’t a map. You can’t use Google maps to give you an alternate route. If you run into traffic, have an accident, hit a pothole, or get a flat tire. AAA isn’t coming baby! Do you see where I am going with this? The road living with autism changes you.

It makes you cry, but then you meet a teacher, a therapist or another family that gives you hope. Our family appreciates the simple things. If I loved getting aluminum foil and ziploc bags for Christmas. Then you know I love the little things. If mommy had given me a box of garbage bags. I probably would have done a praise dance.

As an autism mom my mind never stops thinking. At least now I have hope. Each day I prepare for the unexpected. Our family are proud autism ambassadors. We no longer hide. Some days are painful and some days are lonely. But in the end, each new day brings a new victory.


In this picture you just see a girl shopping. I see a girl who is not bothered by the sights, sounds and temperature of the store. I see a girl that is not yelling and screaming. I see a girl that knows where to find the produce she wants. I see a girl that is reading the signs to find the items she wants.

Here is a girl who can walk pass the flowers in the floral arrangement section and not stop to smell them or destroy them. I see a girl that skips and laugh because she saw something on the aisle that reminded her of something from the past. This is a girl that finds the perfect ribeye steak to put in her basket.

On the days when autism rattles our world. We won’t let it break us. It will only make our family stronger. It will only give me more motivation to advocate for families. So, if you are just starting on this journey today. Or maybe you have been on this journey for a decade. Look both ways before you cross the street and always be prepared to duck and dodge the big hit. You are the guide for this journey and if you believe in yourself and your child. You will love the road and the final destination when you arrive.

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