Look At This Autism

“Sydney doesn’t have that kind of autism like my nephew.” What kind of autism is this?” “Well, we’re originally from Detroit, Michigan and ain’t no party like a Detroit party because a Detroit party don’t stop.” Yes, someone actually made that comment to me and yes that’s how I responded because advocating and spreading awareness … More Look At This Autism

Autism Coma

I think it was an episode of Greys Anatomy I was watching. The patient could hear and see everything that was going on. But couldn’t speak, and couldn’t move. Seeing the distress in their eyes made me empathize with how they felt. I was in an autism coma for many years. I was walking through … More Autism Coma

18 And Over

It is coming. The month of April when I talk more about autism than I usually do. I am not even sure if that is possible. Our family will wear more blue than The Blue Man Group. Living with Autism and watching Sydney make progress is special for our family. Every appointment, tantrum, IEP meeting, … More 18 And Over

Adventures in Autism

It was March 16, 2018. We are almost finished with our third appointment at AI Hospital. It really stinks that this is how we had to spend part of our day off from school. But that’s autism. We received a great report from the last doctor. He even commented on how Sydney was attentive during … More Adventures in Autism