Valentines, Galentines, Novalentines?


How could I dread February 14th? I was born on Valentine’s Day way back in 1972. Yes, I will be 46 years old in ten days. The last five years taught me that love is still possible. Please don’t hate on my birthday. Better known to me as the day of love.

The roses, candy and diamonds, okay all of that might be a little over the top. I like to think of the month of February as a celebration of affection and love.

Sydney loves a party. So she is ready for Valentine’s Day. For the first time in many years. I am not depressed or lonely. My birthday is a celebration of my life and the love I have to give to others.


I don’t have a Valentine this year. What I do have is peace. I have joy in my soul. This year I wrote myself a love letter. I’ll read it on the days that cause me stress. Or make me question my worth. I spent years focusing on what was wrong with me. Why was I divorced? Why my dating after divorce stories were more like Lifetime Movie scenarios?

I see party ideas for Galentine’s Day to celebrate friendships. Or is it just for single ladies to gather in solidarity on the day of love? This year I haven’t made any plans for my birthday. Or my birthday weekend. This year I have decided to go with the flow. And enjoy doing things that make me happy.

I might treat myself to something special to celebrate my birthday. As long as I am surrounded my people who truly love me that is all that I need.

Harrison and Sydney are my two valentines and the best gifts that God has ever given me.



Lookout Walgreens here I come!

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