Funny Things First Graders Say


If you need a laugh or a quick pick me up. Then you need to visit a first grade classroom. If you need some honest answers to your questions, ask a first grader. What I love most about kids especially the younger kids. Is that they are so naive and brutally honest.

Here is a short list of things my first graders have said to me. I don’t even try to hide my amusement anymore. There are times when we all need a good laugh.

My students can say something out of the blue at just the right time. Things like…..

Ms. Copher, you look so pretty today. My reply: Oh, thanks you really filled my bucket.

Ms. Copher, I love your brown skin. Did I fill your bucket too?

Ms. Copher, do you like egg rolls with duck sauce? And that rice you know that fried rice?

Ms. Copher, Why did they kill Dr. King?

Ms. Copher, they don’t still do that bus thing do they? That really doesn’t make sense about the skin color thing.

Ms. Copher, you smell good.

Ms. Copher, Are you going to put your pajamas on when you get home? And then watch tv?

Ms. Copher, did you do your hair today? It looks nice.

Ms. Copher, you wore a dress today. That’s great.

Ms. Copher, do you want to come over my house?

Ms. Copher, don’t you want to go home now? Yes, baby I do.

I have a journal just for them where I keep all of the funny things that they say. I think I am going to be more like a first grader and just say what is exactly on my mind.  It works for them.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Funny Things First Graders Say

  1. Yeah 50% of us would get into deep trouble the other 50% would just nearly slide by.
    We adult have fork 😈tongues 😝😝😂


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