The True Meaning Behind Super Bowl LII


I know that I’m not the only woman who loves football. Our family had a Super Bowl tradition when I was younger. Not like The Pearsons. But growing up, football was a part of our family.

Super Bowl LII was special for many reasons. The term underdog was used often referring to the Eagles. No one gave them a chance. Everyone had sealed their fate a week before the game.

The fans and the city of Philadelphia had a much different approach to the game. They viewed this game as a dream come true. Their team was in the Super Bowl and there was a chance to make history.

If I am ever going into a challenge. Or when I am facing a “Goliath” in my life. I want the support of the Eagles fans in my corner. Their show of support and love brought people of all races together. Now, there is always one knucklehead in the bunch. But don’t let that ruin the true spirit of brotherly love.

Another example that the world needed to see and hear was the message of Christ and having faith. The players were focused on Christ and then the football game. Hearing the coaches and players give glory and honor to God was refreshing.

It wasn’t just lip service. You could see it in their eyes, on their faces and hear it in their voices. They were not ashamed to share their love for Christ and spread His message.


We need more disciples of Christ. More people willing to share the good news. More people willing to pray for others. We need to take a lesson from the underdogs.

You determine your fate and destiny. Not social media, but you. Put God first in all things and He will guide your path. Just trust him. Face your challenge head on. Victory is yours.

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