Does It Bother You When I Say My Black Is Beautiful?


I may lose my black card after this blog. You never know. When I first heard the term Black Girl Magic. I thought it was a hair care product. My niece Kayla is going to call me later today I know. Remember I don’t keep up on all of the latest news.

Then I found out what Black Girl Magic means. It is seeing others like you that are doing remarkable things. Accomplishing success in areas that people never allowed us to participate in. It is loving yourself in the skin you are in.

I kept thinking that I must get some of tbis Black Girl Magic. Then I figured out that I had it all along.

Before I go on. There’s White Girl Magic, Asian Girl Magic etc. This isn’t just for little black girls. We can all celebrate the magic in our cultures. The term Black Girl Magic celebrates the resilience, power and beauty of black women.

Now when I say my black is beautiful. Do you feel threatened or scared? Do you think I will start a protest? Well, my black is beautiful. When you have been told for so long that being black was negative, ugly and less than. You begin to believe that nonsense.


When you start to see women that resemble you that are in politics, CEO positions, actresses, and state troopers. You see teachers that look like you. Doctors, lawyers and public speakers, you begin to think to yourself. My black really is beautiful. I can defy the odds.

When I see young black girls trying to find their way and not lose sight of where they come from. I am reminded of myself growing up. There was always an excitement for me when I would see someone achieve success that they looked liked me. I remember someone telling me that all I ever could be was a teacher.  Like it was a bad thing.

It is crucial for our youth to see positive black role models. They don’t all have to be athletes or musicians. They can be teachers, ministers, and local leaders in the community. As I celebrate Black History Month, I realize there is still so much that I need to learn and share with my children.
My black is beautiful and it shouldn’t offend you.










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