I Think I Lost An Inch


I should have known that I was going to break the scale. Wait, I am not that pathetic. The scale didn’t break when I stepped on it. I broke it after I stepped off of the scale.

See it must have already been broken. That three digit number was off the charts. I think that number was near my pregnancy weight with Harrison! This can’t possibly be right. Let me change the batteries. That’s how I broke the scale. I couldn’t get the damn batteries out. So, I dropped it and maybe I even tossed it a few times. It doesn’t really matter. The scale is broken.

The scale is the devil. I refuse to get on the scale when I go to a doctor’s appointment. I don’t do the scale unless I am at home, just pooped and naked. So, if you want me to get on the scale at the doctor’s office. You have to minus at least five pounds. So, when the nice nurse asks me to get on the scale. I politely reply. “You can’t make me and keep walking.”


Now, I must say I have done a better job at drinking more water each day. Being a teacher and drinking water are not a match made in heaven. I have to coordinate my water consumption with my potty breaks. Not fun.

I think I lost an inch. Eating school lunches every day may have played a part in that. First of all meal prep sounds amazing. I just haven’t mastered it, yet. The lovely ladies in the cafe give me the proper portion sizes. When I ask for a little extra. They usually just smile at me. Don’t forget I think I already lost an inch.


Finally, the plank challenge. I am successfully up to 65 seconds. But I am frustrated because I can’t get past that number. I feel like giving up. But I will keep going. Tomorrow I have to move up to 90 seconds. If I fail. I may eat my sorrows away.

Where do I go from here? Well, I will continue drinking water, make healthy food choices and stay active. How will I know if I lost a pound? I won’t. But my clothes will definitely tell the story.

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