Rosa Parks Is At It Again


Having President’s Day off on Monday gave us a chance to go to medical appointments. Sydney loves her routine. So when there is no school. I am prepared in case she has a difficult time coping with the change. I can still yell Plot Twist! And she looks directly at me for the next set of directions.

That night I reminded her that tomorrow was Tuesday and she would go back to school. She slept well and was happy when she woke up.

She walked independently to the bus and was on her way. As the bus drove off, a funny feeling came over me. I tried to push it out of my mind. I took a moment to say a quick prayer and left for work.

Before I made it to work. I received a text alert. I pulled over to the shoulder, near the cows of course and checked my phone. It was Mr. V. Syd’s para. He told me that Syd refused to get off of the bus. He knows I joke with her about being Rosa Parks. All I can think is that he is on the bus calling her Rosa Parks in order to get off of the bus.

She was upset and crying. She didn’t want to go to school. She told Mr. V. “ No school , go to the mall.” Wishful thinking girlfriend. Our family doesn’t even go to the mall. So I am not sure where this is coming from. Unless she remembers that she has two gift cards from Christmas to still spend.

The good news is that Rosa was able to make it off the bus peacefully and not get arrested!!! I think that extra day off, was enjoyable to Sydney and school was not on her list. I have noticed that she is more clingy with Harrison and I lately. I am not sure if that is related to her hormones and cycle.

The silver lining here is that Mr. V. was able to get Sydney off the bus quickly and calmly. In the past, it would have taken a village to remove her and her screams could be heard a mile away.

Oh my Rosa! She’s strong willed, and fearless. I guess maybe it time for me to break out of my comfort zone and take her to the mall. Not on a weekend but maybe one day after school as a treat.


2 thoughts on “Rosa Parks Is At It Again

  1. The Mall

    The place where l almost lost one of my darlings. Someone was to overly excited and happy that day. Our routine Barnes and Noble then Kmart. Well someone knew the routine so well that he went on to Kmart and no one saw the move. Long story short…. my motherly instincts said he was in Kmart. So l gave the alert code in Kmart ….. 2 minutes later he was walking next to the security guard toward me.
    Found at : Bathroom. I cried, laugh, got angry in One Second, but then having my baby back erased all the negative. #autismlife #safeagain

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