Dark Skin Is In


These women are absolutely beautiful.

Now I understand the excitement when people dressed up like Hans Solo or Harry Potter. It was for the pride and excitement for the movie. It was more than just going to a movie. It was much deeper. I really didn’t understand it until yesterday when I went to see the Black Panther.

Where is my dashiki when I need it? Daddy had a red and yellow dashiki when I was younger. If I was in Detroit I could find a dashiki in a  heartbeat. Trying to find a dashiki in Delaware is a little tricky. Maybe I  have not met the right people to point me in the right direction yet.

Oh, you don’t know what a dashiki is? Google it. Back to the movie. Harrison was very excited to see the movie. He is a marvel fan. He answers all of my questions for me. Sydney needed a little convincing. I told her that it was the black version of the Ten Commandments. She bought it for about twenty minutes. Then she looked at me and said, “Moses?”. I told her not yet. She grabbed her iPad and headphones and found Moses for herself.

There were times that she did watch the movie. When there was music and when the women were in battle. So why all of the hype about Black Panther? I am not going to lie. The actors were very delightful to look at. That was a little bit of dark chocolate heaven. I was not falling asleep. I had to “stay woke”.


I could make a connection with the film. The majority of the cast looked like my family. Harrison and Sydney had something to relate to also. It was great seeing superheroes that were black and save the day. The portrayal of the women was powerful. It is actually hard for me to put into words how amazing these women were in the movie. Their loyalty, pride, and strength made me feel empowered.

There are many take aways that people may have after seeing Black Panther. I love the portrayal of an African culture that is advanced, proud and strong. I am glad that I had a chance to see this film with my children. The message of having darker skin was portrayed in a positive light. And that was important for young girls to see.


Black Panther is a must see. I think I will have to see it a second time just incase I missed something or someone.

Wakanda forever!

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