Where Is My Australia?


Friday I really needed Australia. If Sydney has Australia and it has worked for her. It is time that I give this Australia a try.

I was feeling overwhelmed. I was trying to see how I would schedule all of the kids upcoming medical appointments. I was trying to coordinate as many on the same day as possible. Being a teacher means you often play phone tag when making calls. I was losing my patience.

I was trying to arrange them around my work calendar and responsibilities. I need Australia.

Australia was Sydney’s go to spot when she needed a break or to use her calm down kit. At her IEP last week. They told me she wasn’t using Australia at school anymore. They proposed taking the description of Australia out of her IEP. Since she would be in high school next year.

As happy as I was to hear this. I admit I was also sad. You can’t get rid of Australia. What if she needs it?

I need Australia. As much as I would like to squeeze all of their appointments on our next day off. It is not working. Harrison has some medical appointments that I need to schedule. Normally all of the appointments are for Syd. So now when I have to juggle appointments for both children. I feel stressed and overwhelmed, wondering how I can get it all done.

Today I will visit my Australia. I will map out a strategy to figure out how to get the appointments scheduled. This is a reminder to myself that I am only one person. We all have a moment when we break down and need a good old fashion cry. But we always get back up, dry our tears and take care of business like a boss.

Do you need Australia in your life?

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