What If I Lose My Soul?


To say that my life has humbled me would be an understatement. I never thought that I was better than anyone else. My parents taught me better than that.

I give the same respect to the construction worker, as I do the CEO. It is all about kindness. The real reason is that I didn’t want to lose my soul. I’m sure you’re wondering what do I mean by that.

When I was getting dressed for an event, deciding which Spanx would work best for the occasion. I looked in the mirror and had a revelation. God didn’t make me thin for a reason. I would have lost my soul and been a real b*****.

I am not saying that women that are a size 2 are not humbled or think that they are better than anyone else. I am saying that if I was a size 2. I just might lose my soul. God gave me these curves for a reason.  My attitude might have been too big for my body. Rhianna’s Bitch Better Have My Money would be my theme song.  But thank God for Jesus!!!!

Currently, I am at a crossroad with my book. When I am finished with the book. Part of me wants to invite friends over to read it together and have a book study.  Maybe I shouldn’t publish it.

I want to remain humble. I don’t want to lose my soul to accolades. My passion for writing is to share my testimony. Become a motivational speaker to those who feel like they have lost all hope.

My prayer is that God harden my heart, keep me humble, give me the wisdom and courage to do His will.

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