National Women’s Day


Fierce, Loyal, Smart, Classy, Brave, Prayer Warrior, Fearless, Loving, God’s Child, Caring, Nurturing, Creative, CEO, Sexy, Beautiful…….

When I think about the women in my life. These are just some of the character traits that I would use to describe them. I love seeing women empowering other women.

So many brave women paved the way for moments like this. As a mother, I want to leave that same legacy for my children and their children.


Never be ashamed for being a strong woman. If others are intimidated by you. That’s their insecurities, and not your fault. As women we love hard. We stand by our family, partner, and friends. We give freely of ourselves to help others.

When women work together, amazing progress can be made in all areas. Women endure more pain, sorrow and struggles than most. But we still keep walking and pushing forward.

We don’t let challenges knock us down. Divorce can’t break us. Infertility doesn’t define us. The size of our breasts doesn’t make us the women that we are. It’s deeper than that. I applaud the women that can work outside of the home. As well as those that work at home. We cook, clean, make appointments, chaperone field trips, plan birthday parties, bake for the PTO, do the laundry and make sure that things run as smoothly as they can. We are therapists, nurses, lovers, counselors, and even fighters.


Today I celebrate you. To all of the women that pray for each other, who are faithful wives, and loving mothers. I salute you. Today, think of the legacy that you are leaving not only your daughters, cousins, nieces, and friends. But to everyone that you come in contact with on a daily basis.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being a woman who knows what she wants. A woman who isn’t afraid to fail. A woman who sets goals and believes in the impossible. A woman who knows her worth and knows how she wants to be loved and doesn’t settle.

Ladies, never be afraid to cry. When you are finished, wipe your tears. Go and get your hair done and walk your own runway. To all of my sisters. I love you for being true to yourself.

Your sister,

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