You Can’t Skip The Struggle


The struggle, we always run from the struggle. We try to avoid it at all cost. But the struggle is actually a sign. It is a sign that once you conquer the struggle you are closer to your goal.

Yesterday I spoke with a friend. We started talking about staying healthy and making time for myself. I was thankful that she shared her journey with me. Hearing her talk about her success, the process and even the struggle was inspiring. It gave me hope.

If you are like me you want to skip the struggle and get straight to good part. It doesn’t work that way. The struggle is what we must endure to guide and motivate us. This will help us navigate through the process.

The struggle that I am facing is definitely one that will cause me to adjust my mindset, use creativity and make myself a priority. Will it be hard? Yes. Will I want to give up? Probably. Will I quit? I am afraid that I might.

I am afraid that I won’t have the strength, or courage to endure the struggle. I am afraid to fail. Today, I accepted the fact that the struggle is real. But I was not built to break. I won’t skip the struggle this time. I will embrace it and allow it to mold me.

Are you facing a struggle today? Trust me it is not going anywhere until you comfort it head on. You may need guidance from a friend like I did to get you thinking of how to succeed. Don’t skip the struggle. It will inspire you so that you can an inspiration to others.

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