Self-care seems to be the new go to word. I was told I need to take more time for myself and I responded with “Really, that thought hadn’t crossed my mind.” Self-care for me in the past was hiding under the covers and sleeping. Now my focus has shifted. It wasn’t that my life was … More Self-Care

I See Your Pain

I see your pain. Even in a crowded room it is noticeable to me. Maybe others don’t see your pain. But I do. Maybe it is because I am a professional at pretending that everything is perfect. When in reality I am living in hell. You didn’t mean to yell at your child. You are … More I See Your Pain

One Last Cry

I have been crying a lot lately. Some tears are tears of sadness. Some situations in my past, I have no tears left to cry. I cried when Sydney asked people “How was your summer?” I didn’t prompt her. She initiated the interaction. I cried when Harrison spoke about his dad. He said he prays … More One Last Cry

Just Wait

When you don’t get the job that you applied for. Everything happens for a reason. When the guy doesn’t call you back after the first date. Everything happens for a reason. When your team loses the championship game. Everything happens for a reason. When you apply to college and don’t get accepted. Everything happens for … More Just Wait