Good Friday

When I was younger I never understood the true meaning of Good Friday. I remember asking mommy after leaving The Stations of The Cross. What’s so good about what just happened?

She told me God always has the final say. And that it would all make sense on Easter Sunday. I trusted mommy but still had many questions. I remember waiting for my grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and trying to process how did the Easter Bunny fit into this? The priest didn’t mention an Easter Egg Hunt at all. Oh boy was I confused. Mommy told me to be patient. Easter Sunday is coming.

When I think about the sacrifice God made. Giving us Jesus to die for our sins. That is the greatest act of love. God picked the perfect mother for Jesus. Mary had great strength and faith.

To watch your child suffer is heartbreaking. Sydney’s seizures don’t compare to the suffering that Mary witnessed of her son Jesus.

I’ve always believed in God because my mommy told me to believe. I didn’t need to see God to believe in Him. As I grew up. I began to know, love and believe in God for myself.

Today marks a day of reflection and sadness. But when you think about the miracle working power of God. You should shout Alleluia! It will all make sense on Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter to all of my family and friends.


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