Trays In the Upright Position and Seat Belts Fastened

I remember my first flight. I was eight years old. Our family was flying to Georgia. Between my ears popping, being excited about eating a meal on a plane. And my Delta wings that the flight attendant gave me. I felt like I was flying high in the sky. No pun intended.

Airplane rides were great. Except for the cigarette smoke. I’m showing you just how old I really am. Fast forward about eight years. Our family was headed to The Rose Bowl. We were excited to see MSU take on USC.

On this flight I was introduced to turbulence. Now I was the kid reading the safety manual. Because of course I wasn’t paying attention when the flight attendants did their safety demonstration.

Mommy taught me how to pray and that is what I did. Every shake from the turbulence made my stomach flutter. I closed my eyes to pray and wait it out.

After what seemed like an eternity. The turbulence was over and and I could see the airport in the distant from my window.

The captain announced that we would be landing soon. We had to keep our trays in the upright position and seatbelts fastened.

As I looked outside, the clouds were gone and we were preparing to land. I could see other planes and the runway. As the plane began to descend. I braced for the landing. As the nose of the plane was going down. I took a sigh of relief. Which instantly turned into panic. As quickly as we were landing. The pilot began to fly the plane back into the air.

Now this was strange. Why didn’t we land? Why isn’t the captain talking? We’ve been hijacked. Jesus take the wheel and the cockpit.

After what seemed like an eternity. The captain gave us some reason for not landing. I don’t remember the exact details because I was trying to recover from my first panic attack.

The pilot couldn’t land because the runway wasn’t cleared. There was no way he could land the plane safely. So he had to circle the runway until he received the all clear.

Well that obstructed runway is my life right now. There’s some “mess” on my runway. And my blessings are blocked because of that. I need to get rid of the mess for good. So that I have room for peace, love and courage to land on my runway.

Just when I thought I let go of the past, the hurt feelings and the disappointments. I realize that my current environment is still too messy. I can’t take off to new adventures. I am stuck circling the runway waiting for a place to land.

Easter symbolizes Jesus rolling the stone away and coming alive again. This is the day that I must remove the stone and debris from my life. So that I can walk freely and prepare for the blessings that God has for me and only me.

What does your runway look like? Are you blocking your blessings? Clear your landing area today. You’ll be glad that you did.

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