Easy Autism

I’m not sure easy autism exists. There’s nothing easy about it. I wish we could push the easy button, or phone a friend. But it doesn’t always work that way.

“I wish my child had autism.” That’s the comment that someone said to me last week. I really wanted to stay quiet or change the subject but I couldn’t.

I replied, “Why are you envious of our autism?” She replied, “Well, you get everything in April.” This is when I wish I carried my Bye Felecia bell. I could just ring it and make my exit.

You know me. I had to keep the conversation going. She started saying how lucky we were to have a chance to go to The Eagles stadium. And that she was jealous, it was only for autism families. She felt it wasn’t fair.

I think I turned pale. I let her finish. This was obviously weighing heavy on her. Bless her heart. I explained to her that yes, April is Autism Awareness Month. But I don’t see people running to falsely diagnose their children for the month of April.

For the longest time, April was the only month that I thought our family was accepted. We went more places in April than other times of the year.

But then I began to think. You should be envious of our autism. Autism taught us how to love and accept others. Autism taught us patience. Autism made us fighters. Autism gave us our voice. Autism reminded us that God is in control. We need to praise Him in advance. Autism introduced me to amazing doctors, educators and families.

There is no easy autism wherever you are on the spectrum. April comes and goes but Autism doesn’t. It stays lurking in the shadows, reminding us how our lives are forever changed.

Today as I walk with Sydney’s Super Squad. I am humbled and blessed to have people that love and accept us. As we continue walking on our autism journey.

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