An Open Door

When one door closes. Another door opens. And if you keep banging on a door and you can’t get in. That’s obviously not the door for you to enter. Most importantly always hold the door for the person entering the door behind you. Everything lately seems to revolve around doors.

When I saw my front door open, panic set in. I didn’t think there was an intruder. I thought Syd was gone. She’s not a wanderer. No, I don’t have padlocks on all doors. My home has felt like a prison before and I refuse to live our lives like that again.

Just then I heard “Yoo-hoo here I am mom.” She knew I was on the verge of a heart attack. I was in the bathroom, which I’m allowed to do. When the timer for the bus went off. Syd was sitting on the porch like we do each day.

While we waited for the bus. I talked with her about letting me know if she wants to go outside. And that I like to know what she’s doing. Her reply was “miss the bus”. In her mind she didn’t want to miss the bus and I love that she knows her routine. Harrison reminded me that no one will kidnap her, unless they have a taser gun. So it’s all good.

Later that evening I could tell Sydney really took our conversation to heart. I heard her yelling. “Hey mom I’m pooping!”

Just another day in Copher’s Community.

2 thoughts on “An Open Door

  1. Well l have a door which l am watching carefully. It open two years ago briefly and closed but I didn’t act quickly. Now l hear commotion behind the door.

    I am getting ready to make a move and enter in it. Leaving your comfort zone is not easy.

    Behind this door there is more freedom, which is really greatly needed and a growth opportunity for all in the family.

    Well just waiting for the door to open.

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