There’s That Door Again

This is the right door I just know it is. The problem is that my key doesn’t fit. But I’m determined to get inside. Everything I need is behind this door. Happiness, love, you name it. Everyone else is going in without any problems. Why can’t the door open for me?

Do you ever feel that way about life or your next step in life? Some doors have been closed for me and it was hard to understand why. Looking back, it’s all making sense to me now.

I was determined to open a door that wasn’t meant for me. If my key didn’t fit. Then I would find someone with the key to let me in. I didn’t care what it took. I told myself. I’m getting in. Everything I ever wanted was on the other side of that door.

Days, weeks, months and even years went by. I faithfully returned to the same door convinced that this was the day I will enter.

During this time I made adjustments with my thinking and priorities. The time came for me to pass that door that I desperately wanted to enter. This time when I passed the door. It didn’t excite me. It wasn’t intriguing to me at all. So, I kept on walking and didn’t look back.

As I kept on my new path. I came to a new door. The wood was mahogany and beautiful. The closer I got to the door. The more I doubted myself for even attempting to open the door. This was completely out of my league.

It felt different this time. I approached the door. No key was required. I didn’t even have to knock on the door. The door was slightly ajar. Already waiting for me to enter. This was the right door for me. I knew it in my spirit. The door was already opened for me. This was a new beginning.

4 thoughts on “There’s That Door Again

  1. “Do you ever feel that way about life or your next step in life?”
    All the time when u trying to open a new door but can’t open it becuase the past attaches you like a magnet.
    Nobody knows what’s in store for our future so I just try to make my present the best I possibly can and when the future comes rather good or bad, I will find a way to deal with
    Good job ☺!

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    1. The past attaches to you like a magnet!!! Wow that’s my life for sure. Great analogy. I agree that making the present the best is key. It took me long enough to realize that.😊


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