Kids Meet The Handy Man

So, it’s that awkward time to fill our forms and my emergency contact person is mommy. My sissy is on there too. I admit it’s a little depressing.

So, I’m on the hunt again like a cougar. Not really. But it sounds good. I met two men. I’m not as good at multitasking as you think.

I told Bachelor #1 if he wanted to get to know me, read my blog and then let’s chat. I thought this was a good way to see if he likes to read. Will he call me after reading the blog? We shall see.

Then there was Bachelor #2. We went on a few dates. But our work schedules are the complete opposite and that was a struggle. He came over to visit last week. Before I give you the details. Let’s get back to Bachelor #1.

Well he called. He told me he read the blog. He couldn’t handle the truth. As intriguing as my life seemed to him. He wasn’t ready to enjoy the moment. He was thinking about 20 years from now. I’m thinking I hope Jesus comes back before that. In the end. I could respect his honesty.

Bachelor #2 came over to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve known Bachelor #2 for two years. Harrison met him before. He met Syd this time. He took the time to ask her questions and she just gave him the side eye at times.

We chatted for a bit. But something was off. When I said white he said black. If I said spring mix. He wanted baby spinach. I didn’t remember it being like this before.

I think it’s me. Maybe I’m too old for this? I couldn’t help but think. I’ll be glad when he leaves so I can put my pjs on and watch Law & Order. Was I nervous because my kids were home? But that’s my reality. Was I nervous that Syd would have a meltdown? I’m really not sure.

He did change the lightbulbs for me that I couldn’t reach. I wanted him to bring some furniture in from the garage but that was pushing it. He would probably be expecting me to make dinner. And I don’t cook on the weekends unless it’s a holiday.

The rest of our visit went well. In my head I was making a Venn Diagram of our similarities and our differences. I still need to review my data! But Bachelor #2 is a friend. But this might have been the dealbreaker. My ESPN alerts on my phone bothered him. Bye Tyrone!(That’s not his name. That’s a blog for later.)

The kids said their goodbyes to him. After he left. Harrison asked me who he was again. I told him the handy man and showed him the new lights that were now working.

Do I need an emergency contact, a handy man or a husband? I need all three. If it’s God’s will and in God’s timing. I’ll have them all.

For now in case of an emergency. Call mommy.

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