That’s a Strong Woman

I must admit I really wanted to blog about the royal wedding. There were so many interesting things that caught my attention. I have to share just one. Spice Girl looked like she was attending a funeral. Not the dress, her face and attitude. I’m just saying if David Beckham was my husband. I would be grinning from ear to ear like a kid running wild at Chuckie Cheese.

I cried watching the wedding. Thinking about Princess Diana and how proud she would be of her children. And the way Prince Harry looked at Meghan is what all couples want to have in their relationships.

What left the greatest impression on me, was the elegant Doria Ragland. At first I was thinking she must have someone in her family with her. An auntie or best girlfriend so that she’s not sitting all alone.

In an instant I felt sorry for her. Being in a strange place, overcome with emotions and trying to follow protocol. Then I thought maybe people feel sorry for me.

I haven’t attended an event that compares to watching your child get married. But I do know what it’s like to attend functions for my children as a single mom.

It takes a kind of sophistication and confidence that many don’t have. It requires you to enjoy the moment and thank God for never leaving your side on your journey.

Doria Ragland is a strong woman and you could see it in her eyes. Just how proud and happy she was for her daughter.

It takes a strong woman to attend your child’s conferences, concerts, open house and school functions as “that” mom. I am “that” mom and have been reminded by the other moms lately. Like Doria, I smile. Sit alone and think that I made this moment happen. I did this!

My children are in a good place now because of the sacrifices I’ve made and my work behind the scenes. Many will never understand. Because they have never had that level of responsibility.

It was nice that the Royal Family embraced her, with her nose ring and locs in her hair. She was the reminder that I needed after a difficult week. It was a reminder that no matter where you are on your journey. When you reach the finish line. You will rejoice and know in your heart. You belong!

8 thoughts on “That’s a Strong Woman

  1. Beautiful Brooke! Wish I had your Blog to read back when I was raising my children alone. I probably would have looked at life through a totally different mirror. Thank you for sharing! You are a very strong lady, and your children are so Lucky to have you as their Mom!💖

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    1. Thank you so much Val! Its definitely been a journey and it took me a long time to get to this point. I still struggle but try to remind myself. That Harry and Syd are mine for a reason. Love ya


  2. I have family members, many, who are single Mom’s and they just always rock it! Their children are loving, secure and confident. Amazing women you all are!
    Of the wedding, I teared up when he said hello after lifting the vail and when I found out Harry picked the flowers from the palace garden including forget me nots, Di’s favorite. Meghan’s train also had embroidery forget me nots.

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  3. I agree! Doria Ragland is such a strong woman. I think it was incredibly brave of her to sit by herself as the only representative of Meghan’s family that day. Though Meghan’s as an emblem of modernity in terms of race, the fact that she is an American, an actress and a divorcee, is very groundbreaking, I can’t help but feel that having her mother play such an important role in the ceremony also speaks to so many single-parent families. I know that her father was unable to attend because of health problems and not due to the fact that he is an absentee father, but it was really nice to see Meghan have her mother act as the substitute father of the bride when Doria accompanied her to the church. In years to come, Doria will signify that a mother can be just as important in a marriage ceremony as a father. Thank-you such a great post!

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