We Have The Green Light

Sistas hold on to your weaves! We have been given the green light. It is okay to date a white man. Can I get an Amen?

It’s fair to say that black men have always had the green light to date outside their race. Black women on the other hand have always been criticized.

White men have been cautious about dating a woman of color for many reasons. What will my family and friends say? How do I handle unwanted comments and jokes? The list goes on.

A little advice ladies if you meet the parents for the first time and they say. “We don’t see color.” GET OUT!!!! The fact that they had to make that statement makes me cautious. That’s just my opinion. #staywoke

You can’t help who you love. It’s time to accept all couples with smiles and not stares. I used humor to hook you into reading this blog. Seriously, we need to let go of all of the stereotypes. All black women aren’t on welfare. All black woman aren’t angry.

White men can jump. White men have rhythm and soul. Cue Prince Harry dancing in Jamaica. He was my inspiration for this blog.

I should have known when that man asked me if I liked dark meat or white meat. He was not talking about the chicken!

Happy Monday! Remember to keep your eyes and heart open for love.


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