Before I Let Go

I’ve said it before I am a helicopter mom. But in a good way. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Harrison has always been a wonderful big brother for Sydney. And he’s an amazing son.

I love seeing him mature into a young man. At the same time it is hard to let go. This past week Harrison and I enjoyed quality time together. For the first time he didn’t carry the weight of autism and Sydney. He was just being Harry.

I think he is still feeling proud about receiving The 2018 Governor’s Youth Service Award. It was such an incredible night. It was like he grew up right before my eyes. Maybe it was seeing him suga sharp in his suit. Whatever it was, it was time to let go.

Harrison went to a picnic with friends from school on Saturday. If you know Harrison, he’s not a fan of the outdoors. I know people do this all of the time. But I dropped him off at the park and left. Yes, I did!

Do you have your inhalers? Do you have your epi-pen? Check the labels for food allergy information. And don’t let a girl kiss you that’s been eating nuts or seafood. I know the last part was a little over the top.

Later that evening he had a chance to go to the movies with some other friends. It was great seeing him be a kid and being social. He didn’t have to watch out for his sister. And he knew to answer my text within two minutes. Or, I would send out an Amber Alert.

Harrison was very talkative last night. So this was my opportunity to get all of my questions answered. We talked about the gun incident at his high school. We talked about what to do in case of an active shooter incident. We talked about his summer plans, his dad and girls! He said he thinks he should wait until he’s 16 to have a girlfriend. Sweet baby Jesus!

I know I have to let go. He’s not the two pound preemie anymore. He’s a caring, smart, kind, handsome and funny young man. He doesn’t like attention or the limelight. But his future is bright and he will change the world.

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