Preach Sista

I saw this quote yesterday on Facebook. I read it several times and all I could say was “Preach Sista.” She’s speaking to me!

I admire Serena for her athletic ability and her wisdom. I admire her beauty and her elegance. I am that woman who will lift another woman up and give them a compliment.

This statement that she made was powerful. Not just for black women. But for all women. We’ve come too far to let society define our beauty.

Serena’s style and body are not what the world wants to see on magazine covers. She’s a brick house and damn proud. I love the fact that she doesn’t want to become that size 4. Her success, and her strength comes from the body that she’s worked hard to keep healthy and strong.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Being Serena on HBO. It’s a reality tv show but without the extra drama. I love how comfortable she is in her skin. She’s walking around the house with her silk scarf on ready to run ten miles. You see her transformation from athlete, wife, mother and sister.

I applaud her for knowing that she has the greatest weapon and she knows how to use it. We could all learn a lesson from Serena. Thanks for your honesty Serena.


Another Proud Thick Sista

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