The Test Results Are In

Waiting on results has to be one of the most painful things for me. I should be use to it by now. But I am not. I am not a great test taker either. So, taking tests in school was torture. But waiting to see how well I did or didn’t do was the real test.

The famous words we will call you with the results in two days. Leaves me feeling sick to my stomach.  If they don’t call. No news is good news. With my luck. They call and I can’t answer the phone. So we play phone tag for several days. I have learned that waiting, being patient and having faith are needed when you are waiting on results.

A few weeks ago I received test results that Harrison and Sydney had irregular EKG results. Harrison’s test was done because his blood pressure was elevated at his physical. Sydney’s test was done to rule out side effects due to her seizure medication.


They were put on physical activity restrictions until they were seen by the cardiologist. Sydney didn’t pass her physical and wasn’t able to try out for cheerleading. We were both disappointed. But we didn’t have time to sulk. I had to get them in to see a cardiologist soon.

The doctor wanted to rule out a genetic disorder. Which sent me in a panic and I reached out to the their dad. The EKG showed that they both have Ventricular Hypertrophy. In order to treat them. They would need a full cardiac work up.

We had to wait two weeks for the appointment. It was a rough two weeks. Waiting for the unknown. I didn’t GOOGLE the disorder, because that would have made it worse.

The day had come for our appointment. I had snacks, chargers, books, and a sensory calm down kit ready. I wasn’t sure how long it would take. I admit I had my first panic attack in some time. I wasn’t ready for this appointment. I just wasn’t ready. We made it to the hospital with time to spare. When I checked in Harrison and Sydney made themselves at home. This was a new waiting room for us and thank God it wasn’t crowded.


Two sets of paper work to complete kept me busy. So I didn’t have time to have a panic attack and worry. When they called us back to the room. Sydney was excited that Cars was playing on the television.

Harrison went first for the EKG. He did great and Sydney watched so she would know what to expect next. The nurse also took his blood pressure. His blood pressure was a little high. But she didn’t say anything else. Now it was Sydney’s turn. She was a trooper and remained still on the table for the test. The results of the EKG for both children were sent to the cardiologist to review. The next test would be an ultrasound of their hearts.


Sydney’s blood pressure and EKG came back normal. Harrison’s EKG came back abnormal again. And his blood pressure was still elevated. He would need an ultrasound of his heart. We gathered all our things and went to another examining room. Sydney was getting a little restless. I think she was wondering why she wasn’t wearing the gown and getting pictures of her heart. The next room also had a tv and she occupied herself by selecting the movie.

Another nurse was nice enough to explain everything to Harrison. I was doing fine. Until she started the ultrasound. I knew she couldn’t tell me the results. Her face was flat, neutral and just cold. Every time she moved the wand and clicked a picture. I was studying the monitor like I was a resident on Greys Anatomy.

To make a long story short. The test revealed a possible defect and an enlarged left chamber. That’s when Harry grabbed my hand. I couldn’t let him see the fear in my eyes. I had to hold it together. We were two and a half hours into the appointment. We weren’t leaving anytime soon. How long would Syd last? How long will I last?

They would do a second ultrasound. The cardiologist assured me there was nothing to worry about until the second test was over. Easier said then done. I felt worry fall on my shoulders. I was scared. I hated waiting on test results and that hadn’t changed over the years.

I began to think of what my mommy, Auntie Nita and Auntie Theresa taught me. They taught me to pray. This wasn’t a time for a quick silent Our Father. I needed to speak aloud. I began to pray. Not worrying about what the technician might think. I began to speak healing and praise God in advance. I prayed that Sydney would remain calm and that Harrison would be okay. I prayed for strength and peace.

Cardiology was directly across from the chapel.

After the test was done. We were moved to another room. Here we waited for the cardiologist to review the tests and give us the results. As we waited. My friends began to text me. Short messages saying “thinking of you” , “sending prayers” just when I needed it most.

In walked the cardiologist and I couldn’t wait for her to sit down to tell me the results. She began with “Well,…” Lady if you don’t hurry up and tell me the results! She continued to tell me that whatever they saw on the previous tests was no longer there. She said that his heart was perfectly normal. Look at GOD. Praise HIM.

I could go on and on about the goodness of God. I could tell you that if you just trust Him. He will answer your prayers. I’ve been praying for a few things in my life recently. God didn’t answer those prayer requests but he was right on time when we needed Him most.

He’s an on time God. Yes he is.

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