Oh, What An Autism Friendly Night

We’re blessed. I’d rather be blessed with people that love and accept our family. Than winning the lotto. Well, I do want to win the lotto. But you know what I mean.

Last night we visited my friend Kelly and her family. I had a chance to visit with Ma, Kelly’s mother and the rest of her family.

I know that people love their pets. I do appreciate that they put the dogs away for the kiddos. Next time I’ll be ready with a social story before we visit.

Harrison had a blast with Ben. I’ve never seen this kid socialize so much in the past two weeks. I love seeing him evolve.

Sydney went inside and made herself right at home. She was so comfortable at their house. She found Australia and had a great time. The fact that she left my side and ventured off was amazing. She knew she was in a safe place. She would take time to Walk Like An Egyptian with Ms. Carol. I love that Carol knew how to interact with Sydney. Carol is a faithful blog follower. So she knew what things to ask Syd to engage her.

For me, I had some me time with adults. I laughed, I almost cried from laughing so hard. It was a fun night. I was shocked when I looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost 11:00 pm!!!!

I’m thankful for an autism friendly visit. When we got in the car. Harrison said Uncle Mark is so nice. I asked Syd if she had a good time. Her reply was “That was awesome.”

The focus of our summer is not to buy things. But to make memories and do things we’ve never done before.

I love my village. After the emotional week I had. Last night was just what the doctor ordered.

Where will we go next?

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