Coming Out of The Closet

Harrison and Sydney know that when I enter my prayer closet. They don’t bother me unless Jesus is ringing the doorbell.

Do you have a prayer closet? A meditation room? Well, it’s time for me to upgrade to a prayer room. When you are struggling in life. The first response for some is to run and tell everyone. For others they need to retreat from everyone.

I think I’m a mix of both. But lately I’ve noticed you can’t go and run and tell your struggles to everyone. They are just sitting there, ready with the popcorn and Swedish Fish. So they can enjoy the show.

That’s when I go into my prayer closet. My space where the focus is on myself and the things that are troubling. You can’t stay in the closet forever. You have to come out and tackle the world.

But when you come out of the closet. You walk taller. You have a new hope about your situation. I’ve been in my prayer closet and the only thing I could do was journal my thoughts. Other times I pray aloud, cry, and sing.

The next step is a little tricky. Wait for hope to appear. I would still be in the prayer closet if I was waiting on a physical sign of hope to appear. Instead I wait until the pressure I felt is no longer weighing me down. I no longer have tears to cry and I feel peace in my spirit.

Finally, the prayer closet is similar to Sydney’s Australia. You can have a wonderful prayer closet at home. But you might need to find a prayer closet on your job, or when surrounded by relatives at a family function.

When you allow yourself time to block out everything and focus on what God wants you to do. You will appreciate your time alone in your prayer closet.

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