3:00 AM

Not today Satan! That’s what I tell myself when I wake up in the middle of the night. They say 3:00 AM is called the witching hour. All I know is that I wake up like clockwork often. Sydney would always tell me the monsters were coming aka as seizures. This usually occurred at 3:00 AM.

I admit I was scared of the boogie man that would visit me in my dreams when I was younger. But I don’t have time for the boogie man now.

My lack of sleep caused my weight gain, and depression. I’ve slept better this past year than I have in seven years. Seven years of living on lack of sleep almost broke me down.

3:00 AM is the time when I think of the pain of the past and thank God I didn’t snap. It’s the time in the morning when I replay the most painful conversations that I’ve ever had. It’s the time when I regret decisions that I made and try to see the future. 3:00 AM for me has become my biggest fear. It’s at 3:00 AM that things are so clear to me that they are scary. It’s the time when I wake from a dream that was so real. I have to go outside on the deck for fresh air to really wake up.

I was afraid of 3:00 AM because I had to face some demons from the past and ponder what my dreams really meant. I know it’s a old wise tale. Every time I dream about fish. I find out that someone is pregnant. And it’s not me!!!!

Do you remember your dreams or do you block them out? My dreams are becoming my reality. For me, that can be frightening. Now 3:00 AM is my time. When my mind is open to blog and write. It’s a time when I feel peace and the calm of the night.

I’ve learned to take my dreams seriously. There is a message in your dreams. Don’t dismiss them. Follow your dreams. You will be surprised where your dreams will lead you.

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