I Need Low Maintenance Friends

I’m at the age in my life that I love my low maintenance friends. I talked with my friend Diana from Michigan last week. We don’t have to talk often. But when we do, we laugh and pick up just where we left off. It’s friendships like this that make me appreciate the people in my life.

I’ll admit there are times when I need to retreat. I would tell my former teaching partner Elisabeth that some days. It’s not you. I’m in need of figuring out a few things so if I’m quiet today that’s why.

I have low maintenance friends that will send a quick text that brightens my day. I know my friends care for me and support me. I know they are praying for me just as I am praying for them.

I lost friends because they couldn’t understand autism or the fact that I may have to back out at the last minute. If I didn’t attend their child’s party. I made sure to make it up to them with a generous gift. Maybe it’s me. But they acted like I missed a wedding reception not a birthday party at home.

The women I love have many demands on them. Many of them have husbands too!!! We all have a no judgement code. If my house is messy. They get it. If their kids are having a hard time. There’s no judgment from me. I need low maintenance friends that know if they stop by without calling. Chances are I’m not wearing a bra. And I have my satin scarf wrapped nicely on my head.

I need low maintenance friends that keep it real. That eat cereal for dinner, wait until the refrigerator is almost bare before shopping. I need friends that wear yoga pants and haven’t been to a yoga class like me.

I’m low maintenance and proud. Just give me the basics. Trust, honesty, laughter and acceptance that’s what I need in my life.

We all need to put the closed sign on our door at times. True friends will be there for the grand opening.

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