Where’s The Pause Button?

We all need to use the pause button. Maybe that’s why I love watching movies at home. I can push pause and get a snack, check on the kids, or go to the bathroom.

The pause button should be an imaginary button we all carry with us. I know that I’ve had to pause many times in different situations in my life.

People would assume that I was a bad parent or Sydney was a spoiled brat when she would have a meltdown in public. People assumed I had two baby daddy’s and was never married.

It is easy to assume and speculate. But if you don’t know the entire story you need to press pause. Just think of all of the altercations that could have been avoided if people would just pause.

So, the next time you see a situation. Seek first to understand what is happening. Press your pause button. If you really feel led to intervene. Do so with love and not judgement.

I find myself pressing pause lately a lot. Pause, I don’t really need ice cream. Pause, did he bring Trixie to my house? Pause, don’t react when confronted with ignorance.

We all need a pause button. Once you speak words of hate, discrimination and disrespect. It’s hard to take those moments back.

When in doubt press pause.

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