I’ll Be Back

Yesterday was such an inspirational time for me. I decided to do something for myself, by myself. Thank goodness mommy could watch the kids for me.

I ventured to Rehoboth Beach by myself. The weather was perfect. For a little over an hour I was driving with the windows down and singing loudly to all of favorite songs.

My outing would include a luncheon and meet and greet with author, Jane Green. I made it to Rehoboth with plenty of time to spare. The Crab House Restaurant was the perfect venue.

I had no problem walking in by myself. I wasn’t intimidated by seeing friends sitting together and chatting. God always connects me with friendly faces. I met Jenny, Randi and Patty. Now we are Facebook friends. 😉We had a great time chatting.

Before the event began I made sure the kids were okay. I didn’t feel guilty about being away. This was my time. I earned it. I deserve it. The food was excellent. Crab cake, potatoes and broccoli. With brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I almost wanted to tell the server to put my food in a carry out box. So that I could enjoy Jane Green speak.

My seat was perfect. Front row and center. Because nobody puts Brooke in the corner or in the back. Jane spoke from her heart. She shared her love for family, writing and new ventures that are in the works. She answered our questions. It was an intimate experience.

As she spoke, I thought about my career as a teacher. I thought about my passion for writing. She said many things that resonated with me. When she writes that is her safe zone. She took a risk and it paid off for her.

Jane Green inspired me yesterday. I’ve struggled with being disciplined enough to finish my book. I’ve changed the title twice and decided on another angle. I enjoy blogging and the connections that I make with all of you.

I set a goal this summer to read six books by August 22nd. The books could not be about teaching or autism. I’ve on my third book so far. Now I need to set my goal for my book reveal.

I need to think realistically when setting this goal. I will take a break from blogging. I know I’ve said that before and still continue blogging. This time I’m serious.

It’s summer and my viewing numbers are low. This doesn’t discourage me. It drives me to complete my novel. This is a great time for you to go back and read some of your favorite blogs. And if you are a new follower. You can catch up on two years worth of fun from Copher’s Community.

During this temporary pause. I would appreciate your prayers as I continue my novel. If you would like to keep in contact with me. I will be on other social media sites. If I go on any exciting dates. I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Until then be blessed and pray often. Be sure to find me on-

Facebook: Brooke Butler Copher

Instagram: teachingmom

Twitter: Brooke Copher @brooke_copher

Peace & Love,


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