As Thick As Thieves

It all started with Syd putting her hair in two Afro puffs by herself. Harrison was so proud of her for doing it by herself. This isn’t the best picture since the 98 degree weather took over.

I can’t help but take random pictures of them. Especially when I catch them just hanging out and talking. Yes, I said talking.

Harrison’s waited years to talk with Sydney. He’s always talked with her. But he was waiting for her to respond. At times she would respond with a smile. Other times a scream or a meltdown. Then there were the times that she didn’t acknowledge his presence at all.

The summers that we dreaded have become the best days of our lives. I’m calmer this summer. I’m not stressed. Which isn’t stressing out my kids. We have done a lot together. Singing, dancing, swimming, visiting with friends and just being silly.

When Syd wakes up. The first thing she does is goes in Harrison’s room to say good morning. Then she comes to me, says good morning and begins opening the blinds. Whether I like it or not.

Harrison and Sydney have their own secret handshake. And a bond that is closer than most siblings. They look out for each other. They fight too. It’s not always hugs and love. Syd will ask Harrison. “Are you crazy?”. He usually responds with something that makes her laugh.

My summer is complete because I have time with my kids. As thick as thieves.

Harrison was great watching Syd’s version of Little Red Riding Hood.

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