Miracles, Only God Knows

Reading stories in the news lately has me praying for others more than for myself. The story of the missing boys and their coach was heartbreaking.

Then to hear of them all being found alive was a miracle. But it didn’t stop there. What faith they all must have had to endure for weeks in that cave. The true test would be their rescue.

We all prayed for them and the diver that lost his life. We prayed for their strength, the rescue workers and for their families. We looked to God for another miracle. And a miracle happened today.

Last week in Delaware there was a tragic accident that took the lives on four daughters and their father. Leaving only their mother to go on. But how does she go on? Only God knows.

We can’t question God about how He worked a miracle in one situation. While another family endures sadness. I do know that God is not a mean God. He gave his only son to die for us. The death of Jesus was not simple and quick. It was humiliating, painful and torture. Yet, God allowed it to happen so that we could have life.

As you pray this week for situations in your own life and for others around you. Remember that God’s love and mercy will comfort you. You are never alone. God will always carry you.

When the unspeakable happens. Don’t question God trust Him. Expect miracles. God is still in the miracle working business.

Be Blessed,


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