I Wish Your Dad Was Here

The fact that I was at the mall on a Sunday afternoon should be considered a holiday. Harrison and I ventured out to one store and one store only. He had gift cards for Footlocker from his dad.

I’m a thrifty shopper. But Footlocker prices are outrageous. Harrison isn’t really into shopping. This time I didn’t want to search for all of the clearance shoes and have him make a selection.

Instead, I reminded him he had $125 in gift cards and let him go. I sat on the bench and did my people watching.

While glancing at Harrison. His face seemed sad. I watched him look around at what other young men were checking out. I watched him glance at other kids with their dad. In a brief moment. I wished his dad was here.

Yes, it would have been nice to have him to help out financially because I know $125 is not going far in this store. I felt like Harrison needed his dad in that moment.

I tried to shake it off and began making eye contact with the men shopping in the store. Maybe Harrison would find his shoes and I would find a step daddy for the kids in the process.

I offered to help Harrison and selected a few shoes. He didn’t like the ones I selected. So he kept looking. I asked Harrison if he wanted to call his dad for advice. He said he would figure it out.

With mixed emotions I watched him select a shoe and find our sales associate to help us. I tried making him laugh and embarrassed him when an old school jam started playing in the store.

He made it out of the store with new shoes and socks. And a little extra help from me. On our way home he took a picture of his new shoes and sent it to his dad.

Today’s experience reminded me there are many moments where Harrison needs his dad. I pray that he will feel comfortable sharing those feelings with me. If not, I hope he will seek another adult to talk to him.

Some days it’s not easy. But this to shall pass.

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